In 2012, the Austin City Council adopted Imagine Austin, Austin’s comprehensive plan, which included a recommendation for a cultural tourism and heritage plan as part of the short-term work program for priority program (item #5: Grow and Invest in Austin’s Creative Economy). Funded through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the plan was commissioned and Public City was selected by the City of Austin Economic Development Department Cultural Arts Division through a competitive bid process to draft the City’s Cultural Tourism Plan.

Consistent with the promotion and enhancement of the City as a cultural destination, the intent of the plan is:

  • Support economic growth and the creative sector by leveraging the travel industry and the City’s current investments in the arts
  • Provide an opportunity to build new partnerships across sectors
  • To increase tourism around place-specific arts, cultural, and heritage offerings
  • Address the need to broaden marketing efforts and reach out to new audiences, both residents and tourists, to increase tourism throughout the year
  • Aim to elevate the City leadership understanding of the importance of cultural and investment in its proliferation to build a sustainable, resilient 21st century city.

The plan was delivered April 25, 2015 and is in review process with the Economic Development Department.