South Congress Since 1852

Public City worked with the South Congress Merchants Association (SCMA) through the Souly Austin Program to commission an installation by long-time Austin artist Rory Skagen adding to the robust collection of colorful facades, installations, murals, and vintage and new neon signs that are a common thread of the South Congress Business District.

Selected through a partnership with SCMA, the property owners with input from the merchant community defined the direction of the project. Rory Skagen shared, “The new install continues in the tradition of my work following the Greetings from Austin mural, while being unique to South Congress, the colors illustrate my mood and memories of visiting South Congress while shopping, dining or staying in one of the avenues fine hotels. The nod to the history of South Congress was deliberate. Having visited South Congress since 1992 the memories change into nostalgia as time goes by. This kind of nostalgia has happened over the generations since 1852. I find that amazing.”

This new addition to the District collection will live on Hudson Meats, a business that has called South Congress home since 1968.

The installation was made possible through a collaboration between the South Congress Merchants Association, Hudson Meats, Public City, the South Congress Improvement Association and the City’s Economic Development Department’s Souly Austin Program.

Credit: WingedSunProductions