Connecticut Office of the Arts Strategic Plan

Public City researched, designed and produced The Cultural Strategy for the State of Connecticut.  The team was  charged  to  deliver  a  five-year  Strategic  Plan  to  the  State  of  Connecticut  Office  of  the  Arts  that  reflects  the  “operating  environment,  mission,  goals,  strategic  directions,  action  plans,  recommendations  from  the  public  process,  and  timelines  and  metrics  for  both  accomplishing  goals  and  measuring  progress.”  The  plan  was  funded  through  the  National  Endowment  for  the  Arts  and  supported  the  NEA’s  objectives:  

  • Creation:  enhances  opportunities  for  the  creation  of  art  that  meets  the  highest  standards  of  excellence  across  a  diverse  spectrum  of  artistic  disciplines  and  geographic  locations.  
  • Engagement:  foster  public  engagement  with  artistic  excellence  across  a  diverse  spectrum  of  artistic  disciplines  and  geographic  locations.  
  • Learning:  provide  Americans  of  all  ages  with  arts  learning  opportunities  across  a  diverse  spectrum  of  artistic  disciplines  and  geographic  locations.  
  • Livability:  provide  support  for  and  otherwise  encourage  activities  that  incorporate  the  arts  and  design  into  strategies  to  improve  the  livability  of  communities.  
  • Knowledge:  increase  public  knowledge  and  understanding  of  the  various  ways  in  which  the  arts  contribute  to  positive  outcomes  for  individuals  and  communities  within  a  particular  state  or  region. 

This plan outlined a five-year state arts plan designed to meet the highest standards of excellence and access across a diverse spectrum of artistic disciplines, constituent needs, and geographic locations to improve the livability of Connecticut citizens.

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