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Cities are for people.  So, Public City is defying the summer heat and getting out to explore the city, and we want you to get on board. For the month of August, we're putting forward 31 ideas for fun ways to dive into your city and be active. It's all about movement, finding new and cool things in our own cities (or ones we're visiting), and sharing with the community.

Each day, we'll post a new idea here and here. Go exploring and share your experience using #PublicCities on Twitter and Instagram. You will collect points for every submission. If you have 20 or more points at the end of the month, you'll be entered in a drawing for a Jawbone Up Band.

If you're feeling super competitive and want to get a jump on it, here's the cheat sheet of the entire list of ideas. Get out there and explore your city!

  1. Set out on foot. At each street corner, flip a coin to see which direction you should go next. If it's heads, turn right. If it's tails, turn to your left. Where do you end up?

  2. Find a public spot to sit and take in your surroundings. Show us the different types of city street furniture within your view.

  3. Ask for restaurant recommendations from the server or staff at a place you regularly eat at. *Bonus points if you actually make it to try it out.*

  4. Ride public transportation one stop past your own and see what you can find.

  5. Find a local farmer’s market to visit and grab some great seasonal produce.

  6. What's your secret/special talent? Find a street corner and perform. (Word of warning -- check the local busking laws first! Please don’t get arrested doing this.)

  7. Take a taxi and start a conversation with the driver.

  8. Go to a free arts and crafts (or yoga or tai chi, etc.) class.

  9. Make and post a wish or uplifting thought on a community bulletin board.

  10. Bike to work today.

  11. Take a picture of signage that takes on new meaning when on the fritz (i.e. neon sign with a burned out letter or missing a letter).

  12. Find one piece of unconventional "art."

  13. Go for a run, even if it’s just around the block or frolicking through the park.

  14. Spend an hour in a public library. *1 extra point if you get a library card!*

  15. Take only public transportation today.

  16. We love public parks. Find one near you and bring a friend.

  17. Plant something today.

  18. Find a public pool and go for a dip.

  19. Find an object during your day (please don't steal anything) and make something out of it.

  20. Carpool to your destination today.

  21. Find or become a local comedian, take a short video.

  22. Show us where to get the BEST cup of coffee in town.

  23. Volunteer somewhere today. *2 extra points if it involves a senior living community.*

  24. Sketch or photograph the letters of your name using various typographic specimens you encounter during your day.

  25. Make an uplifting card for a public servant (police officer, firefighter, bus driver, your mayor).

  26. Shoot a first-person video while trying to find a destination.

  27. Ask one person you don't know when they feel most purposeful. Take a selfie with them. *1 extra point for creativity.*

  28. Find an antique store and locate a lost treasure.

  29. Take a tour of a historical site in your city.

  30. Have a progressive dinner on a city block full of restaurants in your area.

  31. Escape the heat and check out a local museum.

  32. BONUS - call your mother (or someone you love) and just send them good vibes.